On the Franschhoek Cinema Build we are ready for the Acoustic Ceiling Installation. Once the ceiling substructure installation is completed we can start installing the acoustic ceiling boards.

Franschhoek Cinema 006

Firstly we setup our laser to ensure that there is an accurate centre line for the room. All ceiling boards need to be installed flush with the bulkhead on the left side of the room as this is immediately visible as you walk into the room. If any boards need to be modified to fit on the left side of the room these will be noticeable.

Franschhoek Cinema 001

The first row of boards is installed to ensure that they are all going to fit across the length of the ceiling. These boards fit perfectly and look great.

Franschhoek Cinema 011

The centre line of acoustic ceiling boards are now installed all the way to the rear of the room. This provides an accurate centre point to work from as these boards are installed in a tongue and groove style.

Franschhoek Cinema 008


The acoustic ceiling boards are installed all the way to the rear of the room. Next stage is to start installing all the boards to the left side of the centre line, then to the right side of the centre line.

The completed ceiling installation:

Franschhoek Cinema 014

Detail photos of the Ceiling Installation:

Acoustic ceiling installation took a total of one day to complete. Great progress by the team on site and the ceiling looks perfect. The client was very happy with the completed installation.
This ceiling will be painted black and later painted in a gradient towards black at the front with further details that the client would like to decide upon once the cinema has been completed.