We have been on site for the past couple of weeks installing CAT6 cable for a High Definition Video distribution project that we have been working on.

We have run a total of Three Kilometers of cable. Catering for a new Gigabit network and High Definition Video Distribution.

Yellow is our favourite colour. CAT6 for Video Distrubution

Yellow is our favourite colour! Yellow CAT6 for Video Distrubution

All cabling that we install into our clients properties are different colours for their different uses.

We use yellow for HDBaseT (High Definition Video over CAT6 cable)
For networks, gray is the standard colour.

The process to install these cables is quite time consuming. We spent a total of 80 hours installing the new cables as we had to remove the existing cabling in this house.
We pull one CAT6 cable to each television for the HDBaseT receiver which receives video signal from our High Definition Matrix. As well as a at least one network cable for connection either directly to Smart televisions or to wireless access point. Depending on the type on installation, two or more network CAT6 cables may be installed. These would be used for other devices like Crestron Gateways, which connect to Crestron Remote controls.

Rolls of CAT6 cable setup to be pulled into conduits.

Rolls of CAT6 cable ready to be pulled into conduits.

The setup that we use for pulling our cables off their drums is not the most high tech. But it is convenient if we need to add another roll of cable.

Installed CAT6 cable coiled ready for the next stage of installation.

Installed CAT6 cable coiled ready for the next stage of installation.

Once we are finished with our cabling installation for the day we make sure that they are all labelled and we coil them up, ready for the next stage of the installation.

Ensuring that all cables are straight runs and are not damaged during the installation process is very important. We take utmost care in planning the routes that the cables will run between the system rack and each room respectively. This cable installation was a complete success, all cables were tested and found to have no damage or interference.