This stunning cinema demonstration room features a comprehensive Wisdom Audio speaker package in a 11.3.6 Configuration.
This provides a realistic cinema viewing experience that you would expect from a commercial cinema, but for your home.

Our demonstration material when experiencing this home cinema was two scenes from Top Gun Maveric. The famous 2:15 drop scene & the final mission scene. Both provided incredibly immersive surround sound effects, drawing us into the movie as though we were flying in the F18 fighter jets ourselves.
The next video we watched in this home cinema was the Live Aid concert from Bohemian Rhapsody. We instantly became part of the crowd in this scene, feeling as though we were in Wembley square watching Queen performing live. The incredible dynamics of the system meant that every note, every crowd cheer and all the signing was a lifelike as though we were there.

From the technical side of the home cinema:

The home cinema is anchored by the Sage Cinema series 3 speakers as the LCR. This ensures that all seating on on the 3 tiers from front to back of the room receive equal sound, both in height & distance. Not forgetting that the front 3 speakers are the most important speakers in any home cinema.

Wisdom Audio Sage Cinema 3 & STS subwoofer

Beyond the front sound stage, this room features a total of 8 Wisdom Audio L8i – Line Source speakers for surround speakers
These are in a configuration of speakers from front of the room to the back of the room:

  • Front Wides
  • Surrounds
  • Rear Surrounds
  • Surround Backs

The overhead speaker channels in the home cinema are the Wisdom Audio IC7a speakers.
These are in a configuration of:

  • Front Atmos
  • Top middle Atmos
  • Rear Atmos

This home cinema features 3 of the powerful Wisdom Audio STS subwoofers. These subwoofers are located:

  • Two subwoofers at the front of the cinema room outside of the Left & Right main speakers
  • One subwoofer at the rear center of of the cinema room

Amplification of this home cinema room is taken care of by the following Wisdom Audio amplifiers:

  • 7 x SA-3 Three Channel Amplifier 500 W per Channel
  • 1 x SA-2 Two Channel Amplifier 500 W per Channel
    *Please note that each Sage cinema speaker requires 2 channels of amplification.

The surround sound processor used in this home cinema is the Storm Audio ISP 32
This processor handles all channels of processing as follows:

  • 6 Channels for 3 x front Wisdom Audio Sage Cinema speakers
  • 8 Channels for 8 x surround speakers
  • 6 Channels for 6 overhead Dolby Atmos speakers
  • 3 Channels for 3 x Wisdom Audio STS subwoofers

Totalling 23 channels of surround sound processing.

Wisdom Audio home cinema room config

On the video side of this home cinema:

The projection screen is a Projecta tensioned, fixed frame, HD Progressive 1.1 Contrast Acoustically Transparent projection screen.
The home cinema projector used is a JVC NZ9 laser projector.

This combination of projector and screen offered a stunning, bright and vibrant 5m wide image that drew us into every movie scene we watched.


For home cinema demonstration rooms, this is one of the highest quality rooms and demonstrations we have ever experienced.
If you are looking for a home cinema for your own home, get in contact with us to discuss your requirements. By understanding the requirements in a room like this, we are well suited to ensure your home cinema room is designed to provide you with the highest quality home cinema experience.

Date: September 16, 2022
Tags: Home Cinema, Wisdom Audio