Mirror Edge Networks is proud to have carried out a full network and wifi installation in this stunning Camps Bay house.

This 5 bedroom house split across 3 storeys required a little extra work to ensure we could meet our clients expectations and deliver on a rock solid and seamless wifi system.

To ensure that our new Araknis network and wifi equipment could be installed correctly, the process started with us planning out and installing a full set of conduits to all rooms of the house as internal conduits from the recent renovations are not suitable for our requirements.
New 25mm conduits up to and across the roof to inject cabling into all rooms of the house was required in this house.

We have chosen to install and Araknis network, coprising of their AN300 router an 8Port POE network switch and 4 wifi access points.
The choice of network switch is to power all wifi access points. This means that no external power supplies are required to power the wifi access points in their different locations.
Currently there is no fibre available in this street, so for the time being we are using a Huawei LTE router running on Telkom LTE, we have found this solution to be fast and reliable.

The house is completely covered with wifi most importantly the pool deck has excellent coverage for music streaming while enjoying summer sundowners. The wifi extends to the driveway and both garages which means that seamless connection when arriving on the property takes place.


This project was completed for Nox Rental in Camps Bay for their rental portfolio. To view this property, visit the website: Adara in Camps Bay
Professional photographs of this stunning installation taken by Jon-Erik Munro Photography

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Date: September 1, 2017
Tags: Installations, WiFi