We designed and built this stunning Stellenbosch Home Cinema for one of our clients in 2017. Today we carried out a Stellenbosch Home Cinema service to ensure all is working well and our client can continue enjoying home cinema.

One of the requests from our client was to use the existing equipment until it was a suitable time to upgrade to a Dolby Atmos surround sound system.

As the equipment that we used in the system was already a few years old, it is expected that there would be some service and maintenance work required on it.

While the previous owner was using the system there had been a power issue which had caused damage to the LFE output of the AVR, as well as the subwoofer.

Stellenbosch Home Cinema service

We booked the subwoofer into our service department and repaired the issue on the power supply module.

Stellenbosch Home Cinema service

Upon delivery of the subwoofer back to the home cinema, we made the recommendation to replace the projector lamp on the stunning Optoma HD50 projector.Stellenbosch Home Cinema service

These are a few quick photos that we took in the cinema once we had completed our service call to deliver the subwoofer back and install the new projector bulb.

This stunning home cinema project was completed along side the team at Sphere Custom Design, who we are always happy to work with.

If you are in Stellenbosch and would like us to carry out our typical Stellenbosch Home Cinema service, get in contact with us so that we can assist you.