When we were contacted by our client to move his entire Bang & Olufsen installation from his house in Newlands to his new house in Constantia, we were reminded of the original installation. The original installation took place in December with the holiday rush looming and shipping delays as usual during that time of the year, the installation schedule was always going to be tight.

Joyfully with this installation there was a window period which we were able to work with. Between moving the televisions out of the old house and the clients moving into the new house was 5 weeks. This left us with the perfect opportunity to make sure that the entire project was up to the professional standards that we pride ourselves with.

Before Dismantling

Firstly we had to get one last photo of the completely installed Bang & Olufsen installation before carefully disassembling the entire system, bubble wrapping all items for transportation and taking the BeoVision 7 away for a service and clean.

Amps + DSTV

The start of the disassembly process was to remove the DSTV decoder and the amplifiers that power the Bose speakers.

Television Removed

Next was to remove the BeoVision 7 television from the mounting box that had been fitted to space it far enough away from the so that the television lined up with the front of the cabinet. After this all the cables were removed and neatly stored.

Cabinet cleared

The display cabinet without the television, ready for the moving company to remove it and transport it to the new house.

New Cabling

A decision was made to mount the amplifiers as though they were mounted in a rack.

Steel Rods Installed

Stainless steel rods were installed to mount the amplifiers onto. This was better than using fixed shelves as it allowed for the correct spacing between the amplifiers resulting in better air circulation and cooling.

Downlighters out

One of the more challenging aspects of this installation was to install the cabling to the patio speakers. We had to drop the down-lighters and fish the speaker cable through the ceiling cavity.

Cables for the speakers in the Braai Room were installed neatly externally.

Cables for the speakers in the Braai Room were installed neatly externally.

As with the patio speakers, to get speaker cabling into the braai room, we had to install trunking on the outside of the house and run the speaker cabling in the trunking.


Bose outdoor speakers mounted under the patio ceiling.

Television Mounted

Television Mounted and reconnected. The Bose speakers mounted to the inside of the display cabinet. Cabling was run in conduits to the ceiling and to the rear speakers which are mounted just below the cornices.


Finished installation of amplifiers and new HD DSTV decoder.

Lounge Television

Completed installation

Due to the long runs of cabling that needed to be installed to connect the different rooms of the house together, the total installation time was 52 hours.

Over 100 meters of speaker cable was installed to connect the 4 audio zones to their Sonos room control units.

New satellite cabling was installed to all the television viewing rooms. Including the connection of the Bang & Olufsen Masterlink cable to connect the BeoVision 7 in the Lounge to the BeoVision 8 in the Study.

Full portfolio of the professional photographs can be viewed here: Constantia House