We are very proud of this Camps Bay Smart Home. It features our professional installation and maintenance of a Control4 system for Audio & Video, whole house WiFi and home cinema.

The house is a 5 storey, 4 bedroom house. To take care of the smart home control, we have 4 Control4 touch panels installed in key locations within the house to manage, television’s, audio and security.
The house features include:

  • World class, state of the art, Dolby Atmos home cinema, with Trinnov Processing, Barco laser projector, Wisdom Audio speaker package.
    Expertly designed by Sphere Custom Design & built in collaboration with Sphere Custom Design.
  • 3 x Samsung 85″ UHD HDR televisions connected to in-ceiling speakers & controlled by Control4 Neeo & Control4 SR2260 remote controls.
  • 3 x Samsung 65″ UHD televisions connected to in-ceiling speakers, Controlled by Control4 SR260 remote controls.
  • 3 Outdoor audio zones, all featuring Monitor Audio speakers. Amplified by a Rotel multizone amplifier and controlled by a Control4 multizone Audio Matrix
  • Whole house “party mode” setting possible from Control4 multizone audio matrix.
  • WiFi coverage throughout by UniFi “AC” speed WiFi antennas for seamless WiFi coverage indoors and outdoors.

We are very proud of the server room in this house, which can be viewed on our portfolio entry: Camps Bay Control4 server room


Date: March 26, 2021
Tags: Installations