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Wisdom Audio design and build high-performance speakers using Planar Magnetic speaker designs to ensure combine clarity, dynamic and precise audio reproduction. This helps them achieve the ultimate in music and film sound reproduction. The Wisdom Audio speakers are so special and present such a high quality audio reproduction that Morgan Irwin even attended Wisdom Audio dealer training in 2018 to learn more about the company, its heritage and the product range!

Wisdom Audio L8i and P2i speakers installed in Cape Town

Wisdom Audio L8i & P2i speakers

Wisdom Audio have divided their speaker offering into 4 different subsections:

  • Wisdom Series
  • Sage Series
  • Insight Series
  • Subwoofers

A detailed description of each of the different Wisdom Audio speaker series are as follows:

Wisdom Series

The speaker namesake for Wisdom Audio. The Wisdom series is the pinnacle of the speaker portfolio. There are 2 models available: LS3 & LS4. These 2 models of the Wisdom Series are identical in design, just different in size. The Wisdom LS4 is the flagship speaker available in Wall mount, In-Wall installation and floor standing, whereas the LS3 is available as Wall mount and In-Wall mount.

When it comes to HiFi and home cinema Wisdom Series speakers are without a doubt the highest quality speakers we would recommend. Speakers built completely without compromise!

Sage Series

The Wisdom Audio Sage Series speakers incorporate traditional speaker woofer drivers with a combination of their Planar Magnetic Drivers. This means that speakers have tremendous dynamic range, while offering high levels of volume output, this is perfectly suited for larger media rooms and home cinemas to ensure consistent audio across all seats.

Due to the size and shape of the Sage Series speakers these are best suited for home cinema use where they can be built into the room and incorporated into the design.

This includes the world renowned Sage Cinema Line series of speakers which in their modular design can be specified according to the needs of the room, starting with 2 speaker cabinets and increased to 4 speaker cabinets according to the size of the cinema and the wall that it will be installed on.

Insight Series

The Wisdom Audio Insight Series of speakers are perfect architectural speakers. These speakers can be installed in-wall or on-wall in any room and provide room filling sound from their compact speaker cabinets.

The Insight Series is the perfect introduction to the Wisdom Audio speaker offering.

Wisdom Audio RTL subwoofer - Regenerative Transmission Line Subwoofer

Wisdom Audio RTL – Regenerative Transmission Line Subwoofer


Wisdom Audio manufacture 8 subwoofers, which can all be installed in room or out of the room. These subwoofers installation in a cavity, ceiling or adjacent room with a port venting the subwoofer into the listening room. This enables the subwoofers to be hidden from view while delivering optimal performance and an aesthetically pleasing in room appearance.

The Wisdom Audio subwoofers offer many efficient technologies including RTL -Regenerative Transmission Line. This creates significantly higher audio output by scientifically designing the subwoofer enclosure to ensure the best performance possible.

Wisdom Audio Planar Magnetic Drivers (PMDs).

Wisdom Audio PMD

All speakers feature Wisdom Audio’s advanced thin-film planar magnetic technologies in the form of Planar Magnetic Drivers (PMDs).

The reason for this is that there are numerous advantages to the use of Planar Magnetic Drivers (PMDs):

  • Highly detailed
    Planar magnetic drivers are like electrostatic speakers (ESLs) in that the moving mass of the diaphragm is extremely small, lighter even than the air it moves. It can therefore be driven with both delicacy and accuracy, without the blurring effects of excessive inertia.
  • More reliable
    Planar magnetics have a huge advantage over traditional dynamic drivers, in that the “voice coil” is spread out over a large area rather than squeezed into a narrow gap within a massive chunk of metal. As a result, planar magnetic drivers can dissipate heat effectively that would otherwise build up in a traditional voice coil. Planar magnetic speakers can handle a lot of power without undue stress or audible strain. In fact, for a given surface area, they can handle many times the power of a traditional dynamic driver.
  • Easy on amplifiers
    Well-designed planar magnetic speakers present an almost perfectly resistive load to the power amplifier in the system, since the voice coil is essentially a very long, thin wire. It acts like a simple resistor. This is the easiest possible load for the amplifier to drive, and comparable to the one electronics manufacturers use during measurements designed to show how terrific their products perform. As a result, you can count on your amplifier sounding its best.
  • Either dipole or monopole
    The nature of planar magnetic designs make it relatively easy to design them to either be dipole (radiating equally and in opposite phase in front of and behind the speaker, like ESLs) or monopole (radiating only in the forward direction, more like a traditional dynamic speaker). This presents some interesting possibilities for on-wall or even in-wall designs that could combine exceptionally high performance with relatively little impact on a domestic environment.


Wisdom Audio home cinema in Cape Town, South Africa

Wisdom Audio home cinema in Cape Town, South Africa

Wisdom Audio have been our recommended choice for home cinemas in Cape Town for many years and we will continue to design high performance home cinemas with these speakers. If you would like to discuss your home cinema, please submit a contact request form on our Contact Us page so that we can get in contact and work with you on your home cinema project.


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