We are proud to present our most recent Dolby Atmos home cinema, located in Camps Bay, Cape Town.

We were introduced to our client a few weeks ago through various issues with the video playback in this beautiful home cinema. We used a Fox & Hound tester from Murideo to test the video capabilities of the existing HDMI cables and found that they were not suitable for the PlayStation 5 to be connected.
After a discussion with our client we planned several upgrade paths which would allow us to achieve better video quality & better audio quality.

We started with the upgrade of our clients old Onkyo AVR to a new Anthem MRX 1140 AVR.
Next was the upgrade of the HDMI cable from the Anthem to the Projector.
For ease of use, accessibility and storage of games, we relocated the PlayStation 5 from within the cinema to the AV rack where the Anthem AVR is located.
Lastly, we installed 4 new M&K M5 speakers on Vogels speaker brackets to create 4 overhead Dolby Atmos channels.

By simply addressing these 4 items in this home cinema, we have completely changed the way that our client uses this cinema.

Date: October 22, 2021
Tags: Home Cinema, Service and Maintenance