Solutions is what this project was all about, our brief from our client in our initial meeting was that he did not want to re-invent the wheel. At the time of our initial contact with our client he already had a host of great equipment, including a stunning 65″ LG UHD Tv in his lounge as well as Samsung 85″ UHD Tv in his mancave. A Naim Muso sound bar was in storage not connected to anything, along with a Sonos Playbar.
The Mancave also features a pair of bookshelf speakers connected to a Naim Amplifier.

With the above list of equipment the real solution was to find suitable products that bring all of the equipment together into a cohesive multiroom audio video system.
Our approach from the offset was to upgrade the network and add Sonos products to the house to make everything work together. This mean the introduction of a new Araknis router, network switches and two wifi access points. This enabled us to cover the entire house with wifi for wireless devices and wire in everything else that has a network connection.

The Sonos equipment was then laid out through the house as follows:

  • LG television in the lounge received the Sonos Playbar on a wall mount bracket.
  • In the mancave we introduced a Sonos Connect to the existing Naim amplifier and bookshelf speakers.
  • We added the new Sonos Amp to power a pair of Jamo outdoor speakers onto the upstairs deck for great outdoor sound.
  • Two Sonos Play1 speakers installed on Vogels wall brackets in the kitchen (our client loves to cook)
  • A Sonos Play1 was installed into the master bedroom for evening music listening.

Now that we had taken care of the house wifi and multi room audio it was time to take care of the AV control.
We implemented a Crestron HR150 remote control in the Lounge and Mancave to make control of the DSTV/Television/Sonos Volume and switching as simple as possible.

Last on the to-do list was properly installing the television in the mancave. It was standing on its table stand on the TV unit when we started with the project. This didn’t give us enough space to install the Naim Muso soundbar and connect it to the television. As the wall behind the television is a standard drywall construction we designed and custom manufactured a television backing panel to support the weight of the television and distribute its weight across the drywall.
The television was then mounted onto a Vogels flush mount wall bracket.

The result of this installation is that the system provides an easy to use music and television watching experience across all rooms of the house.
With a happy client at the end of this system up grade we are incredibly proud of what we have been able to achieve and deliver to him!

If you are looking for a Sonos installation and a way to integrate it in your home, please head through to our Contact Us page and submit a contact request so that we can get in contact with you and assist.

Date: September 12, 2019
Tags: Installations