A Sunfire Home Cinema, what is it and why is it important?

Home Cinemas come in many different shapes and sizes. We have no particular preference when it comes to designing a home cinema, but we can certainly make special preference to the home cinemas that use products that we can trust and recommend to our clients. This Sunfire Home Cinema features speakers that we can recommend and we will tell you why.

Mirror Edge Networks have been working with Elan Systems South Africa for over 8 years and over this time we have travelled to their Johannesburg showroom frequently. Elan Systems are our supplier for home network and WiFi equipment, power management and surge protection, High Definition video distribution products and various different speaker products.
Numerous of these products are used in this home cinema and we will explain why below.

Furman IT Reference Power Conditioner:

In any cinema (and especially in South Africa) power management is as important as the rest of the products in the cinema. Furman have been creating power management and power conditioning surge protectors for over 40 years. The IT reference is a unique power surge protector as it has power factor correction built in. The basic way to explain this is that it has a power reserve bank built into the unit which allows the power output to be regulated at all times. If you would like to do some more research you can visit the website here: Furman Website

Furman IT Reference Home Cinema power conditioner

Onkyo surround sound processor:

All home cinemas require some type of surround sound processor. This is a well suited processor that caters for 7.1 surround sound channels and has a built in room acoustic equaliser which enables us to set and calibrate the sound for your cinema room.

Sunfire Home Theater Grand 7401 amplifier:

The speakers in the home cinema need to be amplified once the signal has been processed by the Onkyo surround sound processor. The Sunfire home theater amplifier is a stunning 7 channel x 400watts per channel amplifier. Designed to perfectly match the Cinema Ribbon speakers installed into this cinema.

Sunfire Home Theater Grand 7401 amplifier

Oppo BluRay player

Every cinema needs a source device to watch movies. It has been a long known fact that the best movie watching experience is available on a physical bluray disc. With this in mind, the best way to get the most information out of the bluray disk is a high quality bluray player. Oppo have been making the worlds leading bluray players for over 15 years which is why its the natural choice for this demonstration home cinema.

Oppo Blu Ray DVD Player

Oppo Blu Ray DVD Player

Projection Screen

A Stewart FireHawk G5 120″ front projection screen has been installed in this home cinema. This is a projection screen that rejects ambient light which means better image viewing when the lights are on as well as a more saturated colourful image when the lights are off. This is a fantastic screen that renders bright, vivid colours in this home cinema.


When it comes to choosing a home cinema projector it takes a bit of work to calculate the correct projector for your requirements. This is the reason why there are many projectors available on the market. The easy way to understand this is that as a projection screen gets larger, the amount of light output from the projector that is required grows exponentially. This is why a suitably bright home cinema projector has been chosen for this home cinema room. The projector used in this home cinema is a Sony VPL-HW45ES home cinema projector this projector features 1800 lumens of light output before calibration which is a great base to work from for a home cinema projector.

Speaker system:

The amount of speakers, their size and their power output are all considered when designing a home cinema. This home cinema features Sunfire home cinema speakers. Sunfire has been designing and building home cinema speakers for over 25 years. As this is a 7.1 surround sound speakers system for this home cinema the speakers were chosen for their placement and required power output. The Sunfire home cinema speakers chosen in this home cinema are as follows:

Front Left and Right speakers: Sunfire Cinema Ribbon Trio speakers.
These are compact speakers which have a wide and long audio dispersion, enabling high quality audio to be projected into the home cinema. They are also capable of handling a high power of up to 440watts which means more people can enjoy the high quality audio

Sunfire Home Cinema - Ribbon Trio Left / Right speakers

Center channel speakers: Sunfire Cinema Ribbon Trio Center speaker.
This center channel speaker is perfectly matched to the left and right front speakers to ensure even sound as audio and vocals pan across the front screen section from left to right. This center channel speaker is also rated up to 440watts meaning that there will be no audio thrown at it that it won’t be able to handle.

Cinema Ribbon Trio Center Channel CRS3C

Sunfire Home Cinema – Ribbon Trio Center Channel speaker

Surround Left and Right speakers: Sunfire Cinema Ribbon Bi-Pole surround speakers
The surround sound speakers account for over 70% of your surround sound effects when used in a 7.1 surround sound installation. With this in mind, it is always useful to have a wide dispersion on surround speakers to create the depth of surround and give you the true surround sound experience. With ribbon bi-pole surround speakers this produces a very wide dispersion giving a more involving surround sound experience to more people in the home cinema.

Surround back Left and Right speakers: Sunfire Cinema Ribbon Bi-Pole surround speakers
The surround back speakers in a home cinema account for only around 30% of the surround sound effects while watching a movie. This means that they need to be powerful, but not completely over the top. That being said though, it is always best practice to maintain the same speakers around the room where possible. For this reason the bi-pole surround speakers are used as surround back speakers in this cinema too.

Cinema Ribbon Bi-pole Surround - Black Lacquer CRM2BIP

Subwoofer: Sunfire Atmos Dual 6.5″ 1400watt subwoofer
In all home cinemas low frequency effects and effects are directed towards the subwoofer. In many instances we would recommend multiple subwoofers, however with special planning and using science we are able to find the best location for a single subwoofer. This home cinema is on different. The location of a single high power subwoofer is best in the front right hand side of the room.
The subwoofer in this cinema takes care of all low frequency response and is enough bass to shake your seat during any action scene!

Sunfire Atmos Subwoofer XTATM265

This home cinema is a great representation of what can be achieved with a small room and equipment that doesn’t impact on the decor and design of the room, thus creating a comfortable, easy to enjoy home cinema.

If you are looking for a home cinema like this for your house, get in contact with us on our contacts page, we would be happy to assist.

Mirror Edge Networks is based in Cape Town and have extensive knowledge of designing and building Sunfire Home Cinemas.

Date: October 23, 2019
Tags: Home Cinema