We were very privileged to be invited to visit an old Bang & Olufsen friend of Mirror Edge Networks in Dubai.

This is a bit of the story behind our visit and why we visited.

In September a Bang & Olufsen client of ours in Camps Bay that we have been dealing with for over 10 years contacted us to carry out some service work on his network. His major issue at the time was that his BeoVision Avant television was not connecting to his BeoSound 4 music system, so he was not able to listen to CD’s or his record player.
The resolution for his network issue was quick and simple, replacing a fault piece of network equipment.

Upon discussions with our client about what he would like to do about servicing his Bang & Olufsen system moving forward, he expressed how he would like to add a BeoSound 9000 CD player to his installation.
As we are focused around the delivery of clients requests and seeing what we could do, we contacted our good friend in Dubai and started the discussion with him about purchasing a BeoSound 9000 from his stock.
The discussions were concluded and our client in Cape Town was happy with what was proposed so we started the process of procuring the unit.

Part of the process of purchasing the BeoSound 9000 CD player included traveling to Dubai to collect the CD player, which was among other needs for the trip to Dubai.
During the trip we took some time to meet with our friend in Dubai and review his personal Bang & Olufsen installation in his lounge, pictured above.

The Bang & Olufsen system consists of the following:

BeoVision Avant 75″ Mk1 mounted on a motorised wall bracket. Sources include: Apple TV, Oppo BluRay player and local Satellite Set Top box.
The BeoLab 18 speakers in Oak are installed as left and right front speakers on wall brackets. A BeoLab 2 subwoofer compliments the front audio sound stage.
BeoLab 3 speakers are installed on wall mount brackets as rear speakers, with audio transmitted to them from the BeoVision Avant wirelessly via BeoLab 1 audio receivers.

The adjacent “kids lounge” features a BeoVision 7-40 television on a motorised floor stand with a BeoLab 7-4 center channel speaker.

This was a great opportunity for us to meet with one of our trusted Bang & Olufsen friends to discuss all things Bang & Olufsen and to collect a CD player for another happy customer.

To see where the BeoSound 9000 CD player went, head through to our Camps Bay portfolio entry:
Camps Bay Bang & Olufsen installation

If you are looking for a specialist Bang & Olufsen installation or a specific piece of Bang & Olufsen equipment, please feel free to get in contact with us. We always enjoy any opportunity to work with our clients to meet their specific needs.

Date: October 22, 2019
Tags: Bang and Olufsen