Artcoustic have been designing, innovative, world class loudspeakers since 1998, constantly pushing the limits of convention and the status quo. Going back to the roots of traditional Danish loudspeaker design.

Artcoustic is the first to transform the conventional loudspeaker with a modern look.

Artcoustic produce a loudspeaker range that performs amongst the highest in their class, often exceeding expectations, by using groundbreaking technology, superb component parts and unique design. The line array loudspeaker design delivers exceptional efficiency and dynamics, vastly outperforming more conventional designs. The sound produced is effortless, dynamic, open and musical. Technically groundbreaking, Artcoustic has become widely respected as a loudspeaker brand for the very finest music and cinema systems.

ArtCoustic center channels speaker

ArtCoustic DF Multi LCR

Left Centre Right or LCR’s as they have become commonly known have become one of ArtCoustic’s strongest speakers. They have been specially designed to be wired as three different configurations:

  • A single centre speaker
  • Stereo speaker
  • Three way, Left channel, Centre, Right channel speaker.
This is a perfect solution to offer better sound for conventional televisions in a small, well designed, centre speaker.

LCR speakers can be custom ordered to the size that is best suited for your interior needs. It may be that the LCR should be the same width as the television to blend in, or you would like it to be smaller so that it is a noticeable speaker, offering the great sound that ArtCoustic is known for.

ArtCoustic speaker range

ArtCoustic Digital Print Range

Artcoustic loudspeakers are manufactured in either black or white cabinets, with a choice of 8 standard colours for the front cover. From there the choice to customise the speakers to your exact design requirements begins.

All speaker cabinets can be painted in any RAL Colour of your choice. You can chose artwork for the front covers from ArtCoustics extensive art catalogue. This art catalogue can be found at:

Alternatively, if you have an image of your own in mind, you have the option to have it printed the acoustically translucent fabric to create a unique one of a kind front cover.

ArtCoustic Subwoofers are wall mountable. This is the best solution for integrating them into your room or to make them a feature of the room instead of a black box placed in the corner.
Artcoustic wall mounted speakers and subwoofer

ArtCoustic Diablo speakers with Micro Subwoofer wall mounted.

If you are looking to simply upgrade the quality of the sound in your living room as you find that the built in speakers of your television are not good enough or if you are looking to integrate a surround sound system, but the thought of standard black speaker boxes is not for you, ArtCoustic offers various solutions to suit your needs.

Please get in contact with us to discuss your ArtCoustic requirements.