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February Newsletter 2015


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27 February 2015


February has been a great month, with the team settling back into service calls and installations. While this has been taking place, we have planning for various projects that we will be starting later in the year. Keep an eye on our blog to see what exciting developments we have in store.

Amplifier Rack Assembly 16 February 2015

We have been upgrading the amplification of a restaurant in Cape Town over the past few weeks. As the summer period is the busiest time of the year, the restaurant could not be without amplification for more than a day at a time. Since there has been some time for us to get into the restaurant and strip the audio system and clean up the installation we decided it was time to remove all the amplifiers and build them into an amplifier rack.

Satellite Dish Service Call – 10 February 2015

We received a call from one of our clients to say that they needed a satellite dish service call. The satellite reception was breaking up constantly. They also told us that their decoder kept on rebooting.

When we arrived we suspected that the decoder had gone faulty due to the constant power cuts from Eskom, but got to work with relocating the satellite dish to start with.

Satellite Dish Service Call 005

Network Switches

A good networks starts with the correct structure. Its not surprise that we are quite fond of using Draytek routers and suitable network switches.

Correct Network 004

The correct configuration of a network is very important in any modern home. Making sure that all devices that you need in day to day life have a suitable internet connection. It is always the best practice to ensure that where possible fixed network connections can be made this requires all cabling to connect into Network Switches. Some of the devices that have network connections in a modern home include: