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Franschhoek Cinema Build: Day 15 – Home Cinema Columns build & Installation

On the schedule this morning is completing the building of the Home Cinema Columns and then installing them.

This is a lengthy process which requires everyone to work on the columns together. The assembly process takes 4 people at a time to ensure that they are joined together correctly. Then 4 people to install each column into its correct place.

Franschhoek Cinema Build: Day 12 – Home Cinema Equipment Installation

As the cinema heads into its final stages, we are excited for the arrival of the equipment onsite today and the Home Cinema Equipment Installation.

Artcoustic Subwoofer and speaker - Home Cinema Equipment Installation

Artcoustic Subwoofer and speaker

The equipment being delivered and installed today includes:

Artcoustic Speakers

  • 3 Artcoustic SL 180-43 speakers (Left / Centre / Right)
  • 4 Artcoustic SL 24-12
  • 6 Artcoustic Architect 4-2 SL in-ceiling speakers
  • 4 Artcoustic Control 3 Subwoofer


  • 5 Artcoustic PA 750
  • Integra DTA 70.1 (9 channel)


The processing and amplification equipment was built into their racks at the Experience Centre, tested, then packed for delivery to site.

Franschhoek Cinema Build: Day 7: Home Cinema Staging

In any cinema you need somewhere to sit, this cinema is no different. With a three tier Home Cinema Staging from entrance down to floor level.

Work starts on the Home Cinema Staging as a standard decking construction. Although not much weight will be placed on top of these different tiers, they need have a solid construction to ensure that they don’t rattle or shake apart while our clients are watching an earth shaking scene in their favourite action movie.